Gentle Surgery for Lung Cancer Patients

medium_6869336880For Lung Cancer patients, going through surgery is no joke. The norm of the procedure used to be a lot my dangerous, complex, and difficult. Surgeons had to slice a considerably large cut into the skin, rib bones had to be spread out, and this meant the patient would be ultimately far too weak to go into chemotherapy and other treatments right away. This would take the patient a few more weeks to heal, and precious time was slipping by.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, surgeons now have a new, efficient method of surgery. Thoracoscopic surgery only needs three tiny incisions made where a miniscule camera is inserted to guide other tools to do their work. After the surgery, the patient now does not need to rest as much as with the previous method of surgery, and can benefit much more from the treatments to follow. This type of surgery might even be beneficial to elderly patients.

photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopin cc