Silicosis goes many other names – grinder’s asthma, potter’s rot, or miners pthasis. It has killed many an illustrious and hard-working potter and lens-grinder, and is an occupational hazard that knows no cure. It is caused by inhaling silica dust, causing the irritation and inflammation of the lungs interiors, with the silica dust scarring the upper half of the lungs and causing nodules to form. It is later followed by shortness of breath, fever, coughing, bluish skin, and eventual death.

While this disease is not a lung cancer, it is still important to understand the ramifications of having this disease, as there is currently no known cure for Silicosis. Some ground-breaking methods are currently being tested, such as corticosteroid therapy, application of the herbal extract tetrandine, and inhaling a combination of powdered aluminum, d-penicillamine, and polyvinyl piridine-N-oxide. However, until these methods are irrevocably proven to work, it is still best to keep safe against this lung-damaging disease.

photo credit: Pulmonary Pathology via photopin cc