Can It Be Prevented?


Smoking termination is the most significant or vital measure that can stop or preclude lung cancer. A lot of products are now available in the market such as nicotine gum, nicotine sprays, or nicotine inhalers. These products were established helpful for people who are trying to quit smoking. Plummenting exposure to passive smoking is also a obliging and preventive measure. With the use of home radon test kit one can determine and permit improvement of increased radon levels in the home. Processes that allow early discovery of cancers, such as the helical low-dose CT scan, may also be of worth in the classification of small cancers that can be cured by surgical resection and deterrence of widespread, deadly metastatic cancer.

What Really Cures Lung Cancer

a1.jpgSurgery can cure lung cancer, but only one in five patients are suitable for this treatment. If the tumor has not spread outside the chest and does not involve vital structures such as the liver, then surgical removal may be possible, but only if the patient does not also have severe bronchitis, heart disease or other illnesses. These additional complications put too great a strain on the patient for them to be able to stand surgery. Chemotherapy, on the other hand has many research trials are going on. Patients who are asked for their consent to take part in a trial should not be frightened. Hundreds of patients take part in trials to detect any benefit between one treatment regime and another. This research must be done if cancer chemotherapy can continue to improve.

Screening of Lung Cancer (Part 2)


Once your lung cancer has been diagnosed, your doctor will work to determine the extent, or stage, of your cancer. Your cancer’s stage helps your doctor decide what treatment is most appropriate. Staging tests may include imaging procedures that allow your doctor to look for signs that cancer has spread beyond your lungs, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission testing (PET) and bone scans. Not every test is appropriate for every person, so talk with your doctor about which procedures are appropriate for you.

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私は、バーやホテル、イベントで演奏するバンドのマネジャーの仕事をしています。 お酒を飲みもしなければタバコさえ吸わない私がこの仕事に就いていることは、多くの人にとって不可解なようです。 私は普段、他の人々と多くの会話をしたり話を聞いたりすることで、これに対する埋め合わせをします。 私たちの仕事場の大半は喫煙者でにぎわい、多くの人は否応なしに煙を吸うことになります。 喫煙が肺ガンの原因であることが明らかである一方、肺ガンのおよそ10パーセントは私のような非喫煙者に発症します。 肺ガンを患うすべての非喫煙者の肺ガン発症の危険因子を特定できるわけではありませんが、肺ガン発生の危険性を高める多くの条件や状況が確認されています。
間接喫煙や喫煙者の吐くタバコの煙の吸入は、肺ガン発生の危険因子であることが認められています。 喫煙者は、(車の排出ガス中に含まれる)一酸化炭素や(窓用洗剤中に含まれる)アンモニア、(バッテリー中に含まれる)カドミウム、また、(殺鼠剤中に含まれる)ヒ素などの化学物質が間接喫煙に存在することを理解しておらず、また明らかに気に留めていません。

The Dangers of Passive Smoking

In the last post, we focused on the dangers of smoking. It has been established that smoking is undeniably dangerous for the smoker, and will eventually lead to many complications and diseases, not the least of these being lung cancer. However, have we ever stopped to consider other people who may also be affected by smoking?

Passive smoking or second-hand smoking is the other form of smoking that more people need to be aware of. It is the inhaling of cigarette fumes and ea smoker’s exhalation by other people in the area. Although the first crop of carcinogens have been absorbed by the smoker, second-hand smoke nonetheless carries just as much toxic materials and carcinogens to the next person in the room.

Often the victims of second-hand smoke are the smoker’s children. While some smokers might consider this harmless, what they don’t know is they’ve officially just introduced nicotine, tar, and other carcinogens into the child’s system. To top this, second-hand smoke also carries the same addictive properties of cigarette smoking, so essentially the child is now gradually made to crave cigarettes, and will likely take up the nasty habit earlier than others.

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Lung Cancer Treatment

Suffering from lung cancer can be a life threatening. Although, it is true that there are many different treatments options available, sometimes these treatment can only be applies when your sickness was been detected during the early stage.

In most cases, lung cancer is determined when it has spreads to a great extent. During this time you will be provided with treatments that can give you relief from the pain, discomfort and suffering, and of course of a treatment that can give you high chance of survival. Among these treatments include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, lung surgery, clinical trials and other targeted therapies that can definitely prove to be of great help to the patient, as a whole. Your treatment option will vary depending on the stage of your cancer and also to your body’s condition and health. You should know that for every treatment, there might be different side effects that you will experience. This thing should also be your deciding factor when choosing for the best treatment.

Dealing with Lung Cancer

If you are diagnosed with lung cancer, you and your family may feel distraught. But the good thing is that lung cancer does not necessary means death sentence. There are several treatment options available and a wealth of resources both online and offline designed to teach you how to live with lung cancer.

First, you have to be well- knowledgeable about the disease. According to the National Institute, there are 180,000 new cases recorded every year having lung cancer due to smoking. Second, you have to know the different treatment operations suitable for you. Treatment can be through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, photo dynamic or laser light therapy depending on the type and stage of your lung cancer. All these treatments can definitely help be cured from the disease. In some cases, you will experience difficulty breathing, thus, you have to find out how to deal with it and learn how to control your breathing process. Lastly, you may want to consider joining a clinical trial. You can consult your doctor regarding this treatment, or you can search for them yourself at the National Cancer Institute Web site.

Most importantly, have support from your loved ones, family and friends while dealing with lung cancer. Lean on them and don’t be fearful in telling your emotions.


small__6637290587E-cigarettes, or personal vaporizers, now have quite the presence in more places where the traditional cigarette now is not welcome. It’s pretty common to see people huffing and puffing on their pen-like devices, heads veiled in a cloud of smoke smelling of unusually pleasant aromas, like mocha latte, popcorn, or strawberry cheesecake. These e-cigarettes used to be marketed as means to wean oneself away from traditional smoking and to eventually kick the habit, but now, many people are taking up this new type of smoking for the sheer pleasure of it. Alice’s Caterpillar would have been proud.

However, with these e-cigarettes, is there still a potential risk for lung cancer? There is still much debate surrounding this in the medical community. The World Health Organization recognizes that there haven’t been a lot of studies on the potential health risks that these personal vaporizers entail, but that doesn’t mean that these are truly-risk-free.

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Tips to Prevent Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer related deaths. There are many risk factors known for this type of illness, such as smoking, family history, environmental radon exposure, air pollution and workplace exposure to irritants and chemicals. Although there are many identified risk factors, it is also possible for anyone to prevent getting the disease by simply taking measures such as:

1. Not smoking- Studies shown that 9 out of 10 men and about 8 out of 10 women get the illness because of being a heavy smoker. This is known to be the best preventive measure from getting lung cancer, not to smoke. So, if you are smoking, quit now before it’s too late.
2. Limiting exposures at the workplace such as asbestos, arsenic, nickel, and chromium, may help to decrease your risk of developing lung cancer.
3. Decrease exposure to radon. Limiting exposure to radon gas may also lower the risk of lung cancer, especially in people who smoke tobacco. You can lower levels of radon at home by taking steps to prevent radon leakage, such as sealing basements.
4. Doing regular exercise and involving in different physical activity is a great way to lower the risk of getting lung cancer.
5. Having a healthy diet such as eating foods rich in different vitamins and nutrients is still the best advice. You dont need to learn thai to realize that the right diet can help defend your body system from any cancer related sickness. It can also help you makes your immune system stronger and healthier.



Silicosis goes many other names – grinder’s asthma, potter’s rot, or miners pthasis. It has killed many an illustrious and hard-working potter and lens-grinder, and is an occupational hazard that knows no cure. It is caused by inhaling silica dust, causing the irritation and inflammation of the lungs interiors, with the silica dust scarring the upper half of the lungs and causing nodules to form. It is later followed by shortness of breath, fever, coughing, bluish skin, and eventual death.

While this disease is not a lung cancer, it is still important to understand the ramifications of having this disease, as there is currently no known cure for Silicosis. Some ground-breaking methods are currently being tested, such as corticosteroid therapy, application of the herbal extract tetrandine, and inhaling a combination of powdered aluminum, d-penicillamine, and polyvinyl piridine-N-oxide. However, until these methods are irrevocably proven to work, it is still best to keep safe against this lung-damaging disease.

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